Virtumed (Pty) Ltd is a boutique interventional medical device company which provides exceptional service, support and product to the medical sector within Southern Africa. We are privately funded and committed to growing and developing the industry in South Africa to ensure the best possible patient outcome, through skills development, empowerment and enhanced technology and product.


Interventional cardiology is an invasive, but nonsurgical, procedures for treating coronary artery disease, valve disease, peripheral artery disease and carotid artery disease in the large vessels leading to the brain.


Interventional Neurology is a minimal invasive procedure to accomplish a wide variety of treatments including: strokes, aneurysm therapy and spinal treatments.


Peripheral Radiology

Interventional Peripheral and Endovascular Radiology is an invasive procedure done inside the blood vessels to treat peripheral arterial disease, a common vascular problem in legs, aorta or carotid.

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