Why South Africa & Africa?

Sub-Saharan Africa is home to more than one BILLION people, half of whom will still be under 25 years old in 2050. Africa is a diverse continent offering human and natural resources that have untold potential. In 2013 the African Development Bank reported that Africa was the continent experiencing the highest growth globally and attributed this to the major improvement in economic governance.

Despite the size of this market, the continent remains largely underserved in many industries with healthcare being no exception. Fortunately, the continent is experiencing a surge in growth and development.

Just ten years ago the majority of African countries did not have a single cath lab now most do or have plans to, in the near future. The number of competitors is still limited and manufacturers have an unprecedented opportunity to establish market dominance.

The quality and capability of the South African private health care sector is very different to that of the African continent, instead being comparable to Europe and America. South Africa, given its world class healthcare experience, geographical advantage, advanced banking, financial and judicial systems, presents companies from other continents with the ideal access and serves as the obvious gateway to this lucrative market.

This unprecedented access can be achieved and supported through South Africa’s own high number of interventions already undertaken annually and by specialists who are recognised and regarded as experts on the global stage.