In the field we are often asked why {VIRTU}Med – do we deal with some virtual reality technology? No, the answer is that when I founded Virtumed I wanted the name to be deliberate, to have meaning, and to be more than just a family name or just a product descriptor.

They say starting a new business and watching it grow, has a lot in common with having children. Expecting parents pay special attention with hours of deliberation and deep thought to naming their children. Many believe that a child’s name not only influences the child’s prospects of success in later life but also influence physical and personality characteristics, which unexpectedly some academic empirical data does in fact lend credence to. When naming Virtumed the name was just as important to me, I wanted the name to be a strong compass to everyone serving under the brand to guide their decisions, behaviour, and actions.

So why Virtu? Values are the basic and fundamental beliefs that are the motive behind purposeful action. While every company will claim to have values by which to live, virtues are the actions taken, which translate these held values into a lived reality. Virtu is the Italian language translated into virtue, and it is more specifically virtue ethics of which I am a proponent. Virtue ethics suggests treating our character as a lifelong project, one that has the capacity to truly change who we are. The goal is to form virtues that help us see the world clearly and make better judgments as a result. Further, Virtù is also a concept theorised by Niccolò Machiavelli, encompassing a broader collection of traits necessary for the achievement of great things, which I quite like, I mean being able to leverage Machiavelli has got to count for something right?

I want the company to live the virtues to which I aspire to. Therefore, the values, virtues and traits, which I believe are required to deliver success sustainably today and into the future are;

Virtue Action/s Character trait/s
Meritocracy Hard Work Internal locus of control
Unconventional Challenge the status quo Curiosity
Honesty Choosing  the correct over the easy path Strategic, long-term vision