Anisca Louwrens – Pretoria Business Development Manager

“Let everyone feel worthy” is the purpose for which Anisca lives by. Striving to make a difference in everyone’s life she meets, and to leave a place more whole as last impression.

Anisca constantly attempts to understand more of the complexity of human physiology in order to make a meaningful value-added difference in the clinical health setting of South Africa. As a creative problem solver and innovator, she is only content with the highest level of excellence with a synergistic approach to teams.

Anisca graduated her master’s degree in cardiovascular physiology at the North-West University (Potchefstroom Campus) cum laude, as well as her undergraduate- and postgraduate degrees.

She focused her master’s research on the age-related changes in the vascular function and structure of HIV infected individuals in South Africa. Anisca contributed to her field of study by publishing in the Southern African Journal of HIV Medicine, under the supervision of Dr Yolandi Breet, Prof Shani Botha-le Roux and Prof Carla Fourie.

Anisca is passionate about development and improvement, and also lives this attitude through coaching, playing and umpiring netball at high-school and university level.

Anisca aims to be as good as the best, but better than most!

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