Nipro Corporation was established in 1954 and is based in Osaka, Japan. Virtumed represents their world-leading Interventional Radiology products. Nipro shares many of our values and is also committed to improving patient care by delivering innovative, high quality and value-added solutions. This is achieved in their ability to design and  develop cutting-edge products that are safe and deliver their objectives.

We stock their;

  • Guideplus II
  • Goodtec Angiographic Diagnostic Catheter
  • LAXA Balloon Catheter
  • NSE Scoring Balloon
  • Rebirth Pro 2 Aspiration Catheter
Guideplus II

Guideplus II by Nipro, is a guiding extension catheter that provides assistance to treat lesions that are difficult to insert a device into. It provides excellent vascular crossability with a flexible shaft and hydrophilic coating.

Goodman Goodtec

An angiographic or diagnostic catheter is intended for use in angiographic procedures. It delivers radiopaque media and therapeutic agents to selected sites in the vascular system. It is also used to lead a guidewire or a catheter into the target site.


A quick-change catheter with a seven-compliant (semi-compliant) balloon is designed primarily to perform the pre-dilution of the lesion in the coronary arteries before stent implantation. The unique materials used in the production provide an excellent combination of working properties of the tool.


The OKAY® II is designed utilizing both a fixed and hemostatic valve. An inner lumen of 10Fr facilitates easy insertion and is suitable for a variety of interventional cardiology devices including the Kissing Balloon Technique (KBT), Stent, Rotablator™ (up to 2.5mm Burr), DCA and more.


The Scoring Balloon Catheter NSE Alpha is designed for precise dilatation across a wide range of lesion types. This balloon has three scoring elements for a controlled scoring of the vessel wall and aimed to reduce slippage during inflation.


The thrombus aspiration catheter enhanced design delivers exceptional performance and outstanding results. It has a durable hydrophilic coating which ensures minimal resistance during insertion into guide catheter and vasculature, providing for greater distal delivery. The extended 22cm guidewire lumen improves guidewire tracking and deliverability.