Asahi Chikai Family

Neurovascular guidewire, single-use

A long, thin, sterile wire intended to be percutaneously placed into the cardiac vasculature (ventricles or coronary vessels) to function as a guide for the introduction, positioning, and/or operation of a device (e.g., catheter, pacing lead); it may also be used in the peripheral vasculature. It may be made of metal (e.g., stainless steel, Nitinol), or polymer and/or glass materials to provide MRI-compatibility, with or without coating, and is available in a variety of distal tip designs. It is used for various diagnostic and interventional procedures, and may include devices used to facilitate manipulation (e.g., torque device). This is a single-use device

ASAHI CHIKAI family of guide wires has been originally developed based on Asahi Intecc’s unique set of technologies which accomplished great success in the field of cardiovascular interventions.

Neurovascular Guide Wires

  • ASAHI CHIKAI black
  • ASAHI CHIKAI black 14 soft tip
  • ASAHI CHIKAI black 18 
  • ASAHI CHIKAI black 18 soft tip

Key Features:

  • Precise torque response – ACT ONE provides exceptional torque response in tortuous anatomy
  • Durable tip-shape retention – Incorporating with ACT ONE, re-shapable pre-shaped round curve and 90 degree angle enhance tip shape memory and durability.