Neurovascular guide-catheter, single use.

A flexible tube intended to be used for the percutaneous transluminal passage and placement of a diagnostic/interventional catheter, lead (e.g., pacing lead, balloon dilatation catheter), or guidewire through its lumen(s), within the vascular system. It may be rigid or flexible, non-steerable or steerable, single or multiple lumen(s), and the distal section can have a variety of preformed shapes (e.g., straight, hockey stick). It is not intended solely for infusion, isnot intended to access superselective small vessels, and does not include a transseptal needle. It may include a disposable percutaneous introduction set or shaft visualization electrodes. This is a single-use device.

Specifications of ASAHI FUBUKI 6,7,8 Fr and ASAHI FUBUKI Dilator Kit 4,5,6Fr

  • ​Flexibility – Soft tip and flexible distal shaft minimizes vessel injury
  • Pushability – ​Well-balanced shaft with increased rigidity provides stable deployment and optimal pushability.
  • Lubricity – Hydrophilic coating from the tip to 15cm (FUBUKI 8Fr, FUBUKI Dilator Kit 6Fr, and Stiff type = 5cm) allows smooth navigation through aortic arch and vessel ostium
  • Visibility – Radiopaque marker tip & shaft enhance visibility provided by a platinum marker on the tip and radiopaque material in the shaft


Specifications of ASAHI FUBUKI 043 4.2Fr ID:1.10mm(0.043”)

  • Trackability – Hydrophilic coating and flexible soft tube provides superb trackability in sharp bends or tortuous vessels.
  • Enhanced kink resistance – Proprietary wire braiding technology enhances kink resistance and maintains lumen integrity
  • Delivery support – Large inner lumen 1.10mm(0.043”) with PTFE coating enables smooth delivery of the microcatheter.