NC Xperience

Non Compliant balloon dilatation catheter

The rapid exchange balloon catheter (RX) NC xperience, is designed for percutaneous transluminal angioplasty of coronary arteries.

The shaft of the catheter features a combination of a single lumen at the proximal end and double lumen at the distal end:

  • Proximal part: single lumen that comprises a hypotube which provides to the catheter high pushability and allows in/deflation liquid passage to the balloon.
  • Distal shaft: configuration of double coaxial lumen with two functions: Inner lumen for guidewire passage and outer lumen for in/deflation.

Two radiopaque markers are fitted at each end of the balloon to mark its length and help the user track the device while inside the patient. The distal part of the catheter is coated with a durable hydrophilic coating (HYDRAX) that minimizes friction and improves catheter trackability. The catheter ends in a cone-shaped tip which has a rounded and atraumatic shape to avoid damaging the arteries while it is being advanced. At the proximal part, there is a lure for the attachment of different accessories. The maximum diameter of the guidewire must not exceed 0.36 mm = 0.014”


  • Catheter materials: Nylon/Pebax (it does not contain latex components)
  • Non-compliant (7% highest compliance from nominal pressure to RBP)
  • Nominal Pressure: 12 atm
  • RBP: 20 atm Ø < 4.50 mm and 18 atm Ø ≥ 4.50 mm
  • 2 metallic platinum-iridium radiopaque markers.
  • Recommended guidewire: 0.014”
  • Introducer compatibility: 5F for all diameters and 6F for kissing-balloon technique
  • Deflation time: 3s average
  • Catheter working length: 142 cm
  • Hydrophilic durable coating