LACROSSE PTCA Balloon Catheter

A quick-change catheter with a seven-compliant (semi-compliant) balloon is designed primarily to perform the pre-dilution of the lesion in the coronary arteries before stent implantation. The unique materials used in the production provide an excellent combination of working properties of the tool.

The unique shape of the tip of the G-TIP with a reduced to 0.0165 “profile combined with the low cross-section of the X-FOLD balloon and the modern hydrophilic SUPRAGLIDE coating of the distal shaft allows the LAXA catheter to be successfully used for the passage of chronic occlusions, previously implanted stents and other obstructions.

The technology of hydrophilic coating on the surface of the balloon in the form of longitudinal bands (ZEBRACOAT) provides a stable positioning of the balloon in the angioplasty of calcified plaques and re-stenoses inside previously implanted stents.

Reduced to 2.5 Fr, the profile of the distal shaft makes this balloon catheter an ideal tool for carrying out the “kissing balloons” technique.

The model range includes cylinders with a diameter of 1.0 x 10 mm 1.3 x 10 mm and 1.5 x 10 mm with an additional extended to 10 mm distal shoulder (conical), which are the ideal “first” balloon, and in addition, perfectly pass through a cell a wall in a lateral branch at bifurcational stenting.

There is also a variation with the altered stiffness of the distal shaft and the increased length of the hydrophilic coating to compensate for additional resistance during transradial access. 


  • Ultra low 0.017”/0.42mm tip formBurst rate pressure 18bar 
  • Guidewire compatibility (max) 0.014”Balloon lengths 8,12,16 and 20mm 
  • Small balloon diameters 1.00, 1.30 and 1.50