Dear Manufacturer,

We are continuously in search of the latest products of the highest quality that deliver superior patient outcomes. We look for companies who share our values and belief that long term, sustainable and profitable business relationships are the product of time, effort, investment, and thoughtful consideration. We believe in relationships built on the demonstration of these virtues and although difficult, it is these relationships which deliver long-standing, reliable, and above average returns. 

Although a young company we have worked hard to deliver not only better than average returns to our shareholders but have even exceeded our own expectations as well as those of our current manufacturing partners. Within our very first seven months of operations we exceeded the stretch targets sets by our launch manufacturer for our first year of trade. Beyond sales we also exceeded the targets set in terms of number of doctors who experienced the product, number of hospitals we were present in, training workshops, and national reach. 

We recognise that you are approached by many distributors, but as can be seen herein our approach is completely unlike our competitors. Firstly, we place an emphasis on placing doctors needs and their patients first, we achieve this through our proctoring and skills development agenda. In aligning our goals with that of our most important stakeholder we develop and build strong relationships with the decision makers who ultimately choose your products. Their buy-in and belief in your and my brands, as well as the products we jointly present is paramount to our joint success. 

Secondly, we are committed to the cath-lab. We have carefully delimited our market to only offer products from the time the patient enters the cath-lab until such time as they leave. We do not represent joint replacements, ICU equipment, patient linen, or hand sanitizers, focus is critical, it means our people have more time in the right place and with the right people, this translates to better company performance where resources are not shared with other non-core areas. 

We also have a non-compete clause and will not represent products where there is internal competition amongst brands, each product must have tangible benefits and contribute to achieving our goal in capturing as much of the patient spend within the cath-lab as possible. This benefits you the manufacturer where we actively building your brand in that range and nobody else. There will never be a case of “well we sold product X and therefore it’s okay not to have sold Y” as you could be product Y.

Yours faithfully

Simon Swanich

Chief Executive