Hagan Schwartz – Head of Operations

Although having a great interest and passion in the field of the built environment and engineering, Hagan pursued the Faculty of Commerce as he is intrigued by the development and growth of economies, as well as in the area of financial markets, data analytics and investment management.

He is a collaborative communicator with interest in the interpretation and analysis of data and production of comprehensive reports.

Hagan’s strengths further include being particularly detail-orientated, highly computer and technology literate, with the ability of converting and extrapolating data analyzed into meaningful reports and presentations.

He is an enthusiastic and diligent individual who strives for success and continuous self-improvement in all facets of his life, both personally and professionally.

Having exemplary academic performance and receiving numerous distinctions, both throughout his undergraduate and postgraduate studies, this is a direct attribute to Hagan’s focused and ambitious nature. He strongly believes that there are no limits to what an individual can accomplish, except the limits an individual places on their own thinking.

Hagan is a self-starter who can work without supervision but realizes the importance of working together for the benefit of the team. He persistently applies his skills and knowledge to ensure that the organization achieves their strategic goals and objectives. He has currently completed his studies to Honors level, and endeavors to further his studies to MBA level in the near future.

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