Mauné Janse van Rensburg – Business Development Manager

Mauné has five years of sales experience and a phenomenal track record working in various industries such as tourism, marketing and finance. During her working career in the financial sector, Mauné was presented with the opportunity to work as a Vitality Specialist. This involved helping the High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) improve their health by assisting with healthier lifestyle choices, lowering risk to increase cash backs on life covers and greater investment rewards.

In the course of her time at a leading pharmaceutical company in 2021, she was awarded with “Sales Representative for the Year” were she took pride in her hard work.

Mauné has always shown commitment and dedication in her work and has far exceeded the expectations of other individuals including that of co-workers, management and clients.

She is highly driven by her strong willpower and passion and seeks to deliver the best. These characteristics is what sets her apart from the rest and reason behind her delivering service of only the best!

She enjoys being in the outdoors and taking part in adventure activities. Spending time with her friends and loved ones is a priority to her.

One of her favourite quotes is: “Knowing I have an impact where ever I go is initially what keeps me going”

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