Nahum Naidoo: KZN Business Development Manager

In 2016 in South Korea, known for its green, hilly countryside dotted with cherry trees and centuries-old Buddhist temples, Nahum spent a year working as part of a government program linking native English teachers to schools in the rural areas. Having been placed at a school for children with special needs, his passion is being able to help students understand information.

For the following two years he and his wife travelled to Moscow, the capital of Russia and also the largest city in Europe, were they continued to pursue their careers as English teachers at a private language institution.

Nahum has a deep interest and fascination in understanding and learning not only the anatomy of the human body but also an invested interest in the scientific study of life and the physical world.

Nahum completed a National Diploma in Biotechnology and served in-service training at an internationally leading pharmaceutical manufacturer in Durban, where he formed part of the Stability studies division within the Chemistry department.

Most of his spare time is spent with his wife, keeping his family unit strong. He also has an interest in DIY projects around the house and plays the ukulele, a small guitar like instrument.

Being a firm believer in treating others as he would like to be treated, challenging himself during every interaction to always maintain a high standard of dignity, respect and reverence for each and every client. His calm personality coupled with his thirst for knowledge within the medical industry is what drives him to remain with Virtumed, at the forefront of breaking barriers and aiding patients within the medical sector.

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