Susan Cogill: Chief Finance & Corporate Affairs

Susan has 20 years corporate experience where she has developed a multitude of skills, through dedication, application, and her belief in never quitting, made easy by her impressive rapid learning capabilities.

Susan has enjoyed a wide range of ever-increasing responsibilities through her demonstrated track record of project delivery, her mantra being in scope, on budget and on time. She has worked at some of the largest South African banks, with direct reporting lines to the company directors.

During this time, she was entrusted with travel throughout Africa to countries including Mauritius, Namibia, Nigeria, Uganda, and Zambia where she had direct engagements with executives, directors and the exco board.

Susan is a team player and subscribes to the notion that trust is earned through dedication and hard work.

She was able to further build and enhance these relationships through her ability to figure out complicated, jargon possessed systems and processes and restate these in an easy to understand language with visual stimuli which facilitated the easy transfer of skills to those around her as well as those who reported to her.

Susan has been commended for her quick adaptability in constantly changing organisations and always keeps her eye on the client to ensure no disruption to project delivery even if it required great personal sacrifice. Her client ownership and diligence have been outstanding qualities. Furthermore, she was applauded for being highly instrumental in various key projects and always displaying exemplary demeanour, with expert subject matter knowledge. She can analyse any environment and understand the dynamics around complex scenarios always ensuring possible outcomes in anything she dealt with.

Susan is married and a proud Mother of two beautiful little primary school going girls, and hope to impart her hard-earned learning so that they can enjoy as much success and fulfilment in their careers one day. Susan had a passion for Netball through her entire school career and is delighted to now be able to share this love and enthusiasm for the sport with her girls. Susan is proud of her association and contribution to Virtumed. She says, “I am inspired to be working for an organization that is passionate about our future and working together with the leading manufacturers and healthcare professionals we will deliver service excellence – we can, we will”.

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