Nipro launches aspirator catheter in South Africa

Virtumed is excited to announce that the Rebirth Pro2 aspiration catheter has now launched in South Africa. The purpose of the aspiration catheter is to restore hemodynamic flow to the occluded vessel by removing intracoronary thrombus, as well as prevent embolization and microvascular damage.

An effective aspiration catheter requires multiple functionalities of deliverability, aspiration and kink resistance. The Rebirth Pro 2 boasts an extremely lubricious hydrophilic coating provides for superior deliverability. A modified round tip ensures smooth delivery through pre-implanted stents due to tip deflection during direct contact with stent struts during catheter delivery. A large and consistent inner lumen provides for dynamic aspiration. The pre-inserted stylet provides for strong kink resistance during catheter delivery (the stylet must be removed prior to aspiration).

Accessories included with the device

  1. a large sized filter in order to easily and simply separate blood from thrombotic material to visually confirm aspiration efficacy (the filter is divided into 3 numbered sections in order to help determine during which aspiration thrombotic material is actively retrieved)
  2. Two 30ml syringes so that aspiration can be continued quickly under single syringe aspiration.
  3. A fully 360 degree rotatable 3-way stopcock that allows for simultaneous aspiration of two 30ml syringes (commonly referred to as turbo aspiration) in order to sustain a larger negative aspiration power for a longer duration, resulting in a more efficient aspiration.

A radiopaque marker is located 7mm from the catheter tip to easily identify the orifice of the aspiration port to provide for accurate positioning proximal to the thrombotic material.

The Rebirth Pro2 has been approved and commercially available in the Japanese market since 2014.


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