The OKAY® II is designed utilizing both a fixed and hemostatic valve. An inner lumen of 10Fr facilitates easy insertion and is suitable for a variety of interventional cardiology devices including the Kissing Balloon Technique (KBT), Stent, Rotablator™ (up to 2.5mm Burr), DCA and more.


Hemostatic valve: The hemostatic valve can be opened by pushing the opener, and closed by releasing it. Once the hemostatic valve has been opened, a clockwise quarter turn locks the valve in the open position.

Fixed valve: Valve to fix devices and prevent loss of pressure.

Large lumen: Nominal ID: 10F, 3.33mm
Allows for use in combination with various products for a variety of PCI strategies.

Superior design: Facilitates single-handed operation.

Ease-of-use: Hemostatic valve features a locking mechanism.

Minimizes blood loss: Two valves (hemostatic and fixed) greatly reduce blood loss during the procedure.

A set (YOK0A): Y-connector, Inserter, Torque Device

E set (YOK0E): Y-connector, Inserter, Torque Device, Extension tube