Asahi Masters Parkway Microcatheter

Vascular microcatheter 

A sterile, small-diameter, single-lumen, flexible tube designed for the controlled infusion of fluids (e.g., thrombolytics, diagnostic contrast media) into superselective small vessels (including intracranial, peripheral, or occluded coronary vasculature) for angiography/treatment, and typically also for the delivery of devices (e.g., embolization implants, guidewires) into tortuous vessels or across tight lesions. It may include an ultrasound transducer, a thermal sensor, and a hole for guidewire placement located at the distal tip. It is not a guide-catheter (i.e., is not intended to deliver other catheters or therapeutic leads directly through its lumen). This is asingle-use device.


Asahi Masters Parkway soft 

  • ​Radius tip and small profile for distal accessability
  • large ID for high volume injection and smooth delivery of embolic materials
  • Tungsten braiding for lumen integrity and visibility
  • Pre-shaped tip ​

Asahi Masters Parkway HF/HF kit

  • Tungsten braiding for lumen integrity
  • high volume of contrast and therapeutic agents through 0.69 mm(0.27inch) large inner lumen
  • 0.53mm (0.021 inch) guide wire pre-loaded for Masters Parkway HF kit