2021 has been a difficult year for most and one that almost everyone is quite happy to see the back of. I’d also like to pause to pay my respect to those who left us this past year; Dr Van Der Spuy, your support, advice and encouragement was truly special and meant a lot to us and will be missed. Duane Du Toit, although a fierce competitor your advice did make a difference, outside of the workplace you were an all-round nice guy and I will miss our coffee shop catchups.

As 2021 winds to an end, I want to take this moment to acknowledge each and every stakeholder who has walked this year with us, Specialist, Nurse, Administrator, Radiographer, Technologist, Manufacturer, competitor and most importantly our patients. Each one of you plays an important role and I say thank you, we are who we are because of you.

To those that are travelling, enjoy your time away. To those that celebrate, blessed Christmas to you and your loves one. To everyone, stay healthy, stay safe and I look forward to what we can accomplish together next year



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