Size matters, yes it does.

When allowing a medical device company to partner with your practice, hospital, or organisation, you might be inclined to consider the size of the company as part of your evaluation process. Intuitively many would be inclined to say bigger is better, but is it really?

In this multi-part series, I am going to discuss the advantages of partnering with a boutique company like Virtumed to walk with you on your professional journey. The first reason you should consider supporting a smaller company is to enable and reaffirm your primary right of choice to select the best product which best suits the particular needs of your patient.

At Virtumed we do not have the resources to develop our own products we lack the R&D skillset, the deep financial pockets to invest long term, and the vast global network required to gain regulatory approval, as well as actively market and sell these items to see a return on investment. The companies who do, however, proverbially have all their eggs in one basket. If the 10-year, multimillion dollar investment to get a product to market results in a subpar product, they will still actively market and paint a picture which clearly espouses the benefits they define which may not be experienced in real world conditions. Ultimately the have to sell the product, the money is sunk, and an ROI must be chased.

The advantage of working at Virtumed is that we aren’t invested in a particular product, we have the advantage to go to the market and find tried and tested products, irrespective of country, affiliation, or brand to make sure we can offer you a premium choice without desperately seeking a return on a long term, expensive investment. At Virtumed you can be assured that there are no lemons, no ‘Friday afternoon’ products, and where consensus suggests we have made a bad choice in product selection, we can simply dump the product, because quite frankly we have choice and by supporting us, so do you.

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