Asahi Tellus

Peripheral microcatheter

A sterile, small-diameter, single-lumen, flexible tube designed for the controlled infusion of fluids (e.g., thrombolytics, diagnostic contrast media) into superselective small vessels (including intracranial, peripheral, or occluded coronary vasculature) for angiography/treatment, and typically also for the delivery of devices (e.g., embolization implants, guidewires) into tortuous vessels or across tight lesions. It may include an ultrasound transducer, a thermal sensor, and a hole for guidewire placement located at the distal tip. It is not a guide-catheter (i.e., is not intended to deliver other catheters or therapeutic leads directly through its lumen). This is asingle-use device.

Appropriate shaft rigidity and resistance allow the microcatheter to proceed into the vasculature  without bending at tortuous sites
Flexible and stretchable microcatheter which bends in a tortuous course does not advance when pushed further
The stable tip supports the GW for vessel selectivity and reduce risk of vessel damage during GW manipulation.​
soft tip and flexible end portion follows the GW into acute angle and remain stable even when GW is withdrawn.
ASAHI proprietary composite braiding prevent kinking, enhances shaft resistance, and keep lumen integrity.


  • Controlled push ability ⇒ High maneuverability
  • Continuous stability ⇒ stable vessel selection
  • Closely attached resin and braid ⇒ Resistance to stretching
  • High flow performance
  • High-tension stainless steel core
  • Hydrophilic coating
  • 1.9Fr. Microcatheter for super selective procedure
  • Platinum marker and Tungsten powder
  • PTFE Inner liner
  • Proprietary composite braiding in tungsten
  • Direct polymide coating on the braiding and Hydrophilic coating 
  • High track abilityProprietary braiding technology
  • Flexible length right after the markerCoating technology
  • Stable tip thanks to its resistance to stretching