Asahi Veloute

Vascular microcatheter 

A sterile, small-diameter, single-lumen, flexible tube designed for the controlled infusion of fluids (e.g., thrombolytics, diagnostic contrast media) into superselective small vessels (including intracranial, peripheral, or occluded coronary vasculature) for angiography/treatment, and typically also for the delivery of devices (e.g., embolization implants, guidewires) into tortuous vessels or across tight lesions. It may include an ultrasound transducer, a thermal sensor, and a hole for guidewire placement located at the distal tip. It is not a guide-catheter (i.e., is not intended to deliver other catheters or therapeutic leads directly through its lumen). This is asingle-use device.

ASAHI Veloute incorporates the strong points of both coil and regular braiding (Lumen retention, pushability and flexibility). Therefore resistance to kinking and stretching are improved offering also a high stability in the anatomy
High torqueability thanks to the 2 different thicknesses of wires in the braiding​.
The key feature of proprietary composite braiding in ASAHI Veloute allows the physician to reach far distal vessels without compromising the tactile feedback, and ease the passage of the GW inside the lumen, and remain stable even in challenging anatomies.
The gradual taper design allows higher tactile feedback and easy manual contract injection keeping a smooth flow.


  • High GW trackability and vessel selectivity
  • High maneuverability inside the anatomy
  • Better Tactile feedback 
  • High flow performance
  • Lumen retention and flexibility
  • Low pushability
  • pressure resistance
  • Proprietary composite braiding: 2 wires with different thickness
  • 1.7Fr. Ultra selective microcatheter 
  • High trackability / flexibility
  • Tip memory 
  • Soft tip
  • Smooth taper 
  • Tip O.D. 1.7Fr. (increased possibility of stable vessel engagement)
  • Tip I.D. 0.017inch (0.016inch GW compatible
  • Reduced clearance between MC & GW (to follow GW in acute angled vessels)