When seconds matter, you don’t have years

Following my previous post on why size (of an organization) matters, in this installment I will put forward the argument that speed is just as important. At Virtumed every doctor is empowered to call me directly at any time should the need arise. I know that from time-to-time there will be a need for deviations or concessions to be made, and thus you can contact me to take a decision in real time. Furthermore so long as the decision supports our values and empowers our mission, a favourable answer can be expected right there on the spot.


Unlike big organisations, we have the advantage of being agile, no boardroom debates, no policy change controls, no consulting shareholders and absolutely no red tape. What’s more we are both in the same time zone, Virtumed is proudly African and based in Johannesburg so there is no planning your day to accommodate weird time zones. Ultimately it just makes sense to go to the top. Can you say that is the expected about all of your supply partners? If not, we would love to hear from you.

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